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Claims Policy

Timeframe for Filing Claims:

**Carrier claims though Big Daddy Unlimited can only be filed up to 15 days after delivery - this applies to orders that do not contain Route insurance.

   ** Please note Claims filed via a shipping carrier (without our third-party shipping insurance) may take anywhere between 10-15 business days before resolution.

Orders With Route Insurance (Big Daddy Unlimited’s third-party insurance):

 Claims are subject to Route’s policies. Please refer to their policies via the following

*please be aware that tracking on ROUTE app may show everything shipped, unfortunately; this is not the case most of the time. Please note that we ship through multiple warehouses so multiple tracking numbers may be emailed to you. A sure way to check if it is fully shipped is to check under your "Orders" in the "My Account" section of our site.

Delivered (Not Received) Claims: 

 We must wait 5 days after delivery before filing a claim to ensure the package has been delivered correctly. This does NOT apply for orders with Route insurance.
Although Route will require the same 5-day grace period, we will be filing the claim for our members as soon as they contact us to avoid a lapse in coverage.

Damage Claims:

 Damage claims will only be filed/approved if the product is not functional and/or items are missing. This does not apply to defective items - Defective item concerns must be forwarded to the manufacturer.

  • If requested, damaged items may need to be shipped back prior to receiving a replacement.
  • A damaged item is considered a broken product that is unusable, clearly fractured, shattered, bent, crushed, etc.
  • Big Daddy Unlimited does not cover cosmetic damage (scratches, dents, etc.), manufacturing damages, or unsealed items. 
  • Big Daddy Unlimited requires further evidence of the member’s damaged item (i.e. more photos, videos, etc.). 

Missing Item Claims:

 Pictures must be provided of the shipping box, label, invoice/packing slip, and received items. If no pictures are provided, Big Daddy Unlimited reserves the right to deny the claim.

Claim Refunds:

 Only the item will be refunded in the amount that the member paid. Shipping will not be refunded as we have paid postage for the item to ship. If there has been no movement (i.e.: “Label Created” or “Pre-Shipment”), the shipping charge will be refunded.

Delayed Shipments:

 Big Daddy Unlimited is not responsible for any delayed shipments once the package leaves our warehouse. Reimbursement will not be provided for delayed shipments that will be or have been delivered.

Closed Order Issues:

 If a member does not respond within 5 days, we will automatically close the order issues. Members can open the order issues back up by responding to the original thread.

Address Discrepancies:

 Members are responsible for inputting the correct shipping address. Any carrier requests after a tracking number have been created will be subject to an additional fee per the shipping carrier’s request. An exception to this is if the error is due to a discrepancy by Big Daddy Unlimited.

Note: Big Daddy Unlimited reserves the right to deny all claims based on the shipping carrier’s and/or third-party insurance’s decision.

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30 Day Money Back Guarantee

Big Daddy Unlimited has a 30 Day Return Policy on all unopened, unused items. (15% restocking fee applies). Shipping costs to and from you are not refundable.